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Transit Funding

Transit Funding Programs

Since 1973, ODOT has administered State and Federal transit programs for the support and provision of public transportation services in Ohio. Fifty-nine transit systems receive technical, operating, capital and planning assistance through one or more of ODOT’s programs. The Office of Transit administers seven federal programs. In addition to providing daily technical assistance in the implementation of these programs, the Office of Transit’s activities include grant administration and contract processing.

ODOT provides funding for operating, planning and capital expenses. According to the Ohio Constitution, no state gasoline tax revenues can go to public transportation. Therefore, all state funding for transit is drawn from the General Revenue Fund.

The following programs receive federal funding:

  • Rural Transit Program (RTP)
  • Rural Intercity Bus (RICB)
  • Specialized Transportation Program
  • Ohio Mobility Management Program
  • Buses and Bus Facilities

The following programs receive state funding:

  • Urban Transit Program (UTP)
  • Elderly and Disabled Transit Fare Assistance Program (E&D)
  • Ohio Transit Partnership Program (OTP2)

Graphic representation of Transit's Funding Program Cycle

Download Transit Funding Cycle Graphic PDF

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