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I-70/I-71 Downtown Ramp Up: Phase 2E

Roadway Major Rehab

Project Status

  1. Proposed

  2. In Development

  3. Pre-construction

  4. Construction

  5. Completion

Project description

Construction began in Spring 2019 to widen and reconstruct I-70 east from 4th St. to Miller Ave., and construct new ramps from I-70 east to Parsons Ave. and from Fulton St. to I-70 east. This project will also reconstruct Fulton St. between 3rd St. and 4th St.


Current traffic impacts

All three lanes of I-70 east are shifted to the north between Grant Ave. and 18th St. to allow for reconstruction of existing lanes. The exit ramp from I-70 east to I-71 north will be maintained, but to access the ramp, drivers must be in the middle or right lane. I-70 east through traffic should stay left.

Current ramp impacts include:

  • Exit ramp from I-70 east to Parsons Avenue is now OPEN.
  • Exit ramp from I-70 east to 18th Street is permanently CLOSED.
  • Entrance ramp from Third Street to I-70 east is permanently CLOSED.

For a complete list of expected closures in downtown Columbus in 2020, click here or view this map.

Alternate routes

Access to Nationwide Children's Hospital

Traffic must exit via Parson Avenue ramp

Interstate 70 eastbound drivers headed to Nationwide Children's Hospital now must use a new exit ramp. Instead of exiting at 18th St. as drivers have in the past, the new ramp lands motorists at the intersection of Parsons Avenue and Mooberry Street.

This means the decision point for I-70 east drivers comes much sooner than before. Traffic wishing to access Nationwide Children's Hospital or Parsons Avenue will exit the highway on the right just past 4th Street, before the through lanes shift to the left. Parsons Avenue traffic should stay to the far right to exit, and traffic that wants to continue on I-70 east should stay left.

Along with the interstate changes, traffic on Parsons Avenue will now come to a signalized intersection at Mooberry Street and should be prepared to stop. 

Additionally, the eastbound exit ramp to 18th Street is now closed permanently. This closure allows crews to begin rebuilding I-70 east over Parsons Avenue.

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