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U.S. 127/U.S. 224 intersection improvement

Intersection Improvement (Safety)

Project Status

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  4. Construction

  5. Completion

About the project

The project will install a single-lane roundabout at the intersection of U.S. 127/U.S. 224 and Marsh Road, north of the city of Van Wert. The $2 million project is scheduled to be constructed in 2022.

November 19, 2019: Open house public involvement meeting

December 19, 2019:  Close public commenting period 

January 15, 2020:  Select the recommended alternative, a single-lane roundabout design


Project Documents

Exhibit for project alternative 1

Exhibit for project alternative 2 (recommended) 

Purpose and Need

Feasibility Study

Project Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions

Public Involvement Plan

Approved Environmental Document

Summary of floodplain impacts  

Work at this location will occur in a regulated floodplain. Impacts to this floodplain are anticipated to be minor and result in no rise in localized flood levels. A statement of findings detailing the results of the final floodplain analysis is located here.


A Safety Program Project

After securing additional funding for transportation infrastructure through the increased gas user fee, Governor Mike DeWine designated an additional $50 million annually for roadway locations, such as intersections, where a project could improve its safety. Statewide, more than 150 rural, suburban and urban intersections have been selected by Governor DeWine for review and safety improvements. Improvements range from signal and signage improvements to a complete intersection redesign.

As a result of the increase, ODOT now has the third largest road safety program in the country. Over the next four years, ODOT will spend $158 million annually on preventing crashes on Ohio roads.

The U.S. 127/U.S. 224 intersection with Marsh Road in Van Wert County was identified on the list as a location where a project held good potential of yielding an improvement in safety.

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