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SR 2/SR 53 Interchange Feasibility Study

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A feasibility study of the SR 2 WB/SR 53 interchange, SR 53 and State Road intersection, and the widening of SR 53 from the SR 2 interchange to SR 163 near Port Clinton. Scroll toward the bottom of the page to view the public meeting presentation.


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View the public meeting presentation:


Visit the project event page to add this meeting to your calendar: https://www.transportation.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/odot/about-us/events/district-2/Public-Meeting-OTT-SR-53-at-SR-2-Interchange-Feasibility-Study


The video below discusses the safety and function of roundabouts:


The video below explains how to drive a roundabout like the one proposed for this intersection:


The video below explains how large vehicles such as semis, emergency response vehicles, trucks with boats or campers, farm equipment, etc. drive roundabouts like the one proposed for this intersection:



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will semis, campers, and boat haulers get through the roundabout?

A: When designing the roundabout, we took into account that large vehicles like campers, boat haulers, emergency services vehicles, tractor trailers, farm equipment, etc. have to be able to maneuver it. This was done by choosing the proper size for the roundabout that would be able to handle such traffic. One way this is achieved by using truck aprons, which is an area that falls between the central island and the circulating lane. It is a mountable portion allowing trucks to drive over it when necessary, but not used by passenger vehicles. Here is a quick video about truck aprons: https://youtu.be/KK5k2sH9Mko

Q: Will this work be done in the off-season?

A: Yes. ODOT understands the summer tourism in this area, so construction is planned for off-seasons.

Q: Will a single lane roundabout be able to handle the summer influx of traffic?

A: When the safety study was completed for this intersection, traffic data was collected during July, knowing that this was when the average weekday volumes would be at their highest for the entire year. This data yielded that a single lane roundabout was sufficient for each approach to the intersection.

Q: How will this reduce congestion?

A: The proposed roundabout will reduce entering vehicle speeds to 15-25 MPH, which only requires around a 50-100 foot gap in traffic for a vehicle to safely fit into traffic. Drivers entering the roundabout will slow down, look to the left, and yield to traffic in the intersection. If there is no traffic to the left, the driver continues through the roundabout. Roundabouts are designed to keep traffic flowing and reduce congestion. They also improve safety, reduce pollution, and complement the community. 

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