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I-75 Thru the Valley

Roadway Major Rehab

Project Status

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About I-75 Thru The Valley

The I-75 Thru the Valley project began in May of 2004 and involves the widening and reconstruction of I-75 from Paddock Road to I-275 in Hamilton County. The goals of this project are to improve safety and ease congestion on I-75, increase regional mobility, and provide transportation solutions that are compatible with local land use plans.

Currently, Phases 1 and 2 are under construction. Multiple other phases are expect to follow in future years. The timeline and cost estimates below are approximate and are subject to change.


Phases 1 and 2


PID 82288

Reconstruct I-75 from Shepherd Lane to Glendale-Milford Road, adding a fourth lane in each direction. The project also includes reconstruction of the Shepherd Lane interchange and the reconstruction and realignment of Neumann Way.

Phase 3

FALL 2023 – SUMMER 2025  •  $39-49 MILLION

PID 88124

Reconstruct I-75 between bridge over the Mill Creek and state Route 126 (Ronald Reagan Highway), adding a fourth lane in each direction.

Phase 4

FALL 2022 – FALL 2024  •  $22-32 MILLION

PID 88129

Replace the Norfolk Southern Railroad bride and realign the exit ramp to Galbraith Road.

Phase 5

SPRING 2024 – SPRING 2025  •  $63-73 MILLION

PID 88132

Reconstruct southbound I-75 from Shepherd Lane to Galbraith Road, adding a fourth lane. Construct a collector-distributor road to provide ramps to and from Anthony Wayne Avenue and Galbraith Road.

Phase 6

SPRING 2027 – SPRING 2030  •  $125-135 MILLION

PID 88133

Reconstruct northbound I-75 from Galbraith Road to Shepherd Lane, adding a fourth lane. Construct a ramp from westbound state Route 126 (Ronald Reagan Highway) to northbound I-75

Phase 7

This phase no longer exists, as its work has been absorbed into other phases.

Phase 8

SPRING 2022 – FALL 2023  •  $35-45 MILLION

PID 76256

Reconstruct I-75 from Glendale-​Milford Road to the Kemper Road overpass, adding a fourth lane in each direction and adding capacity at the Sharon Road interchange and at Sharon Road and Chester Road.

Current traffic impacts

I-75 between Shepherd Lane and Glendale-Milford Road will experience overnight lane restrictions through the work zone. Through traffic on I-75 southbound should remain in the left three lanes; exiting traffic to Glendale-Milford Road and Shepherd Lane should keep right. The exits for Glendale-Milford Road and Shepherd Lane are both currently located at Exit 14.

The following ramps are currently closed as part of the project:

  • The I-75 southbound collector entrance and exit ramps are closed. Traffic is detoured onto Magnolia Drive and Mangham Drive back to I-75 southbound.

For current traffic and construction information within the work zone, visit OHGO.com.

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