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I-75 widening and reconstruction

Add Through Lane(s)

Project Status

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About the project

BEGIN: March 2017

COMPLETE: Fall 2020

COST: $114 million

CONTRACTOR: Beaver Excavating Inc.


Interstate 75 from the area south of Harrison Street/county Road 144, which is just south of the U.S. 68/state Route 15 interchange, to the county Road 99 interchange within the city of Findlay is under construction during a $114 million reconstruction and widening project. The project will improve the safety and efficiency of the corridor and increase its capacity.

The project will add one travel lane in both the northbound and southbound direction along I-75 within the project area.

The interchanges at U.S. 68/state Route 15 and Lima Avenue will also be reconstructed as part of the project.

Beaver Construction, Canton, serves as the general contractor for the project. The anticipated completion is late 2020.


Work to continue in 2020 to complete the project:

The greatest concentration of work is now occurring at the interchange at U.S. 68/state Route 15 with I-75. 

  • Construction on the following ramps at the interchange will continue until late fall. Traffic will continue to be detoured north on I-75 to the state Route 12 interchange and back on I-75 southbound until the ramps are opened:
    • I-75 northbound to U.S. 68/state Route 15
    • I-75 northbound to Lima Avenue
    • U.S. 68/state Route 15 to I-75 southbound
    • Lima Avenue to I-75 southbound
  • Work at the Lima Avenue interchange will continue with grading and seeding, and installation of lighting, pedestrian beacons, signage, and landscaping. Little impact to traffic is expected.
  • The majority of work on I-75 itself is occurring between Harrison Street to the U.S. 68/state Route 15 interchange where the reconstruction and expansion of the northbound lanes continues. Two lanes of traffic are maintained the majority of time.
  • All four lanes of I-75 in this section are traveling on the southbound side and will remain in this pattern until late fall. This allows the northbound existing lanes to be reconstructed and a new, third lane to be constructed. A
  • All existing I-75 pavement has been removed and the intermediate pavement placed through this section.
  • Work to extend a noise wall on the west side of I-75 from Bigelow Avenue to the south will begin in June and is expected to complete in September. 
  • All lanes of I-75 will open late summer.


Current traffic impacts

  • Interstate 75 two lanes of traffic will be maintained through the work zone the majority of time. 
  • Traffic will continue to be detoured north on I-75 to the state Route 12 interchange and back on I-75 southbound until late fall.
  • Between Harrison Street to the U.S. 68/state Route 15 interchange all four lanes will continue to travel the southbound side until fall.

Motorists should slow down, use extra caution and drive distraction-free through all work zones.  



Lima Avenue roundabout

Lima Ave traffic

The Lima Avenue double roundabout at I-75 and U.S. 68/state Route 15 is now open. Select movements on the ramps to the north of the roundabout will be restricted through the end of the project as reconstruction activities continue at the interchange. Restricted movements are expected to open in late 2020.

When the interchange is finished, direct access will be available between I-75, U.S. 68/state Route 15, and Lima Avenue. View the navigation guide for all interchange movements.

For proven safety benefits and advantages of roundabouts, visit ODOT's roundabout web page.



OHGO: Live traffic info and cameras within work zone | link


75224     7599

Cameras are updated every 15 seconds. Refresh your browser for the most current image.


Bridge deck pour on I-75 over railroad near Lima Avenue. June 29, 2020

Bridge deck pour on I-75 over railroad near Lima Avenue. June 29, 2020


 Overhead sign installed. June 24, 2020

Pouring concrete ramp to I-75 southbound.  Jun 9, 2020               


Drainage work in the center of the interchange at I-75 and U.S. 68/SR 15. June 9, 2020


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