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SR 37/SR 661 and SR 16 interchange improvements

Bridge Preservation

Project Status

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  4. Construction

  5. Completion

About the project

The project is designed to reconstruct the bridge carrying State Route 37/State Route 661 over State Route 16 in Granville. The project will also include turn lane additions along the SR 37/SR 661 entrance and exit ramps. The intersection of SR 661 and River Road/Weaver Drive will be improved to include turn lanes along SR 37/SR Route 661 and along westbound River Road. The intersection will be signalized. 

The $9 million project is expected to begin in spring 2020 and completed in fall 2021.

Expected impacts to traffic

Construction begins in Spring 2020 and is undertaken in two phases. Construction schedule is subject to change.

2020 Construction Season

The northbound traffic on SR 37/SR 661 remains on the current routing; southbound traffic will be detoured to the adjacent interchange, west of the project, via Weaver Drive to SR16/Columbus Road/Cherry Street to Granview Road to Silver Street. The bridge will be closed to southbound traffic. SR 16EB/WB traffic wishing to travel to the SR 37/661 interchange will exit SR 16 at the adjacent interchange to the west. All ramps at the interchange are closed with the exception of the SR 16 eastbound on-ramp.

2020 Construction Season Update

Due to various delays to the project, including added settlement periods, soil stability issues, and MSE wall issues, the project will remain in its current traffic pattern through the winter. The current SR 16 EB on-ramp will remain open to traffic. All upcoming work is weather permitting, but includes the following: 

    • Week of 11/2/20:

      • Set phase 1 bridge beams over SR 16.

      • Begin building rock wall at the SR 16 EB off-ramp.

      • Rough-in traffic signal construction. These will not be operational until late in the project.

    • Week of 11/9/20:

      • Form and place resteel for phase 1 bridge deck.

      • Continue building rock wall at the SR 16 EB off-ramp.

      • Continue rough install of traffic signals.

    • Week of 11/16/20: Finish above work.

    • Week of 11/23/20:  Pour phase 1 bridge deck.

    • After Thanksgiving as weather allows, contractor will work to form and pour approach slabs and parapet wall on bridge along with applicable guardrail.   

2021 Construction Season

The portion of the bridge constructed during Phase 1 will allow for two-way traffic to resume on SR 37/SR 661 during Phase 2 construction. 

Spring 2021:

  • SR 661/37 NB and SB traffic will travel on the new side of the bridge
  • Entrance to SR 16 WB from SR 661 will be open to SR 661 SB traffic only
  • Exit to SR 661 from SR 16 WB will be open to SR 661 NB traffic only
  • Exit from SR 16 EB to SR 661 will be open to SR 37 EB traffic only
  • The entrance ramp to SR 16 EB from SR 661 will be open to all SR 37 WB traffic and only to emergency personnel travelling on SR 37 EB
  • River Road will close for 21 days to WB traffic. This closure will be at SR 661 and extend approximately 500 feet to the west. EB and WB traffic will be able to travel in both directions from SR 16 to the west side of the closure. WB River Road traffic wishing to get to SR 661 will need to follow SR 16 WB and exit at the next interchange and follow Weaver Drive EB back to SR 661. This closure is tentatively set for April 2021.

Fall 2021:

  • The SR 16 bridge and all ramps will be open
  • River Road will close at SR 16 at the end of the project. River Rd will end in a cul-de-sac and will no longer be able to access SR 16.

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