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Procedures Identified in the Stay at Home Order: COVID-19 - 4/1/2020

TO:  The Contracting Community; District Deputy Directors; District Capital Program Administrators; District Construction Engineers

FROM: Dave Slatzer, P.E. Deputy Director, Division of Construction Management

SUBJECT: COVID-19/Coronavirus – Procedures Identified in the Stay at Home Order

DATE:   April 1, 2020

The Ohio Department of Transportation (“ODOT”) would like to provide an update on ODOT procedures and expectations related to the Stay at Home Order (“Order”) issued on March 22, 2020 by the Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton, MD, MPH. The Order is currently in effect and will remain in effect unless rescinded or modified. The full text of the Order can be found here: https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/static/DirectorsOrderStayAtHome.pdf

As a result of this Order and made effective immediately through this communication, ODOT Project Staff are tasked with observing ODOT job sites for compliance with the provisions of the Stay at Home Order. In particular, ODOT project staff are directed to monitor for the following scenarios:

  1. During the normal course of duties, ODOT Project Staff observes contractor activities that are not consistent with the social distancing requirements, namely 6 foot of separation established in Section 15 of the Order; or
  2. If related to Section 18(b) of the Order, ODOT Project Staff encounters an employee that is visibly sick.

If either of the preceding situations arise, immediately contact the contractor’s representative on site that has supervisory control of the project for resolution. If a discussion with the contractor’s representative on site does not promptly resolve these issues, they shall immediately be elevated to the District Construction Engineer (DCE). If the issue is not resolved after discussion between the DCE and appropriate contractor staff, the DCE will contact the Ohio Department of Health for further guidance.

ODOT project staff are instructed not to engage contractor staff directly and must strictly adhere to the process outlined above.

It is understood that there may be accidents or incidents that occur on ODOT roadways or projects that may make it necessary for the contractors to briefly work in close proximity to mitigate the hazard created by such accidents or incidents. In these circumstances, these activities shall be limited to those necessary to mitigate the hazard and shall not be considered normal operating procedure for the duration of the stay at home order.
Consistent with Section 18(g) of the Order, ODOT will allow resequencing and or temporary suspension of work to maximize compliance with the Order.

Request for additional time resulting from suspension of work or claimed inefficacies related to compliance with the Order will be addressed in accordance with the procedure contained in CMS 108.06 (B)(5).