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Our goal is to provide a bridge inspection and inventory data management system that supports bridge professionals to consistently monitor and effectively preserve the quality of Ohio's bridges.

AssetWise is an inventory and appraisal data collection system for bridges in Ohio. AssetWise is hosted on Bentley servers and available 24/7 to all inspectors and engineers who are authorized to collect asset data. AssetWise can be accessed through the web and also using a collection App, InspectTech Collector, downloadable on their iPad from the Apple App Store.

To launch AssetWise, click on the green link button Launch AssetWise Application (in the top right hand corner on desktops and under FAQs on mobile) or type the address https://ohiodot-it.bentley.com in your browser address bar. All the requests for support and questions about AssetWise should be sent to AssetWise Support Email: assetwise.support@dot.ohio.gov.

Click on the menu headings below to explore the documentation, forms and video tutorials.

AssetWise Change Request Forms

Select and complete the appropriate form below when you require a role-security change or a structure files number (SFN) status change. Direct questions to assetwise.support@dot.ohio.gov in completing the forms.

User Change Requests

SFN Change Requests

AssetWise Video Tutorials

Watch the video tutorials to familiarize yourself with the product and to supplement the manual.

And to keep up with the video playlist Subscribe to AssetWise Tutorial Series on Transcript TV - ODOT.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AssetWise used for?

AssetWise is ODOT’s web-based Application to collect inventory and appraisal (inspection) data of bridges and tunnels in Ohio. Currently there are more than 44,000 active bridges and one operational tunnel in the State of Ohio in the AssetWise system, using the state definition of a bridge.

How do I get a username and password?

Go to ODOT AssetWise New User Account Request. We will contact you when your account will be set up and ready to use.

Are on-line AssetWise and off-line Collector app username and passwords the same?


How do I reset or recover my password?

Go to AssetWise website (https://ohiodot-it.bentley.com/login.aspx) and use the option “Forgot password?” It will require you to enter your Email address. If your Email address matches with the Email address stored in AssetWise, you will get an Email link in the same Email inbox to reset your password. If your Email has changed, contact the AssetWise Support (assetwise.support@dot.ohio.gov) for assistance.

Where are the training videos posted?

The training videos are posted on the YouTube channel and are linked and accessed above from this page under AssetWise Video Tutorials.

How do I get the App working on the iPAD?

InspectTech Collector App can be downloaded from the Apple App store.

Here is how to configure

  • Collector App
  • Site: ohiodot
  • User Name: use AssetWise username with prefix, e.g., dot.jdoe or odotonline.jdoe
  • Password: use AssetWise password

What is the Email address to get help or support on AssetWise?


How do I get a new SFN for a new bridge?

Fill out an ODOT AssetWise New Structure File Number (SFN) Request form.

How do I get an existing SFN retired?

When an existing bridge is no longer in service and will never be restored, request to retire the SFN of the out-of-service bridge by filling out an ODOT AssetWise Retire Structure File Number (SFN) Request form.

Will there be an ODOT Bridge Inventory Guide?

Yes; it is being developed and will be available soon.

Will there be a new AssetWise Bridge Inspection Manual?

Yes; it is being rewritten and will be published soon.

I am a consultant. How do I get access to bridges in AssetWise in order to inventory and inspect?

Consultants who are AssetWisearded bridge inspection contracts will have to contact the control authority for the District, County or Municipality bridges to fill out an ODOT AssetWise Asset Assignment Request form on the AssetWise website.

Which bridges require element level inspection?

All bridges on the National Highway System (NHS) must have an element level inspection per FHWA guidelines. Any bridge which carries a NHS route is a NHS bridge. For inspection purposes, ramp bridges of an interchange shall also have element level inspection if a NHS route is in the Interchange. Overhead bridges going over an NHS route, when the route carried on  the bridge is not an NHS route, are not considered as NHS bridges.

As a policy, all bridges inspected by ODOT need to have an element level inspection starting year 2020.

How do I enter the inspection date on a new inspection report?

When a new inspection report is created, it will open Inspection Info form. Enter the Inspection date in the NBI Item 90 box. This will be the inspection date of the report.

How do I make a late change in an inspection report which is already submitted for review?

Once a report is submitted for review, it cannot be edited unless you are a reviewer. For an inspector to make a change in the report, a reviewer must “Fail” the report to make it back to “In Progress” stage for the inspector to make the changes. Here are the workflow stages, who can do them and who can edit the report:

Where do I put my inspection comments?

There is a separate box for summary comments for each NBI appraisal item. Go to Narrative>Inspector Comments.

For comments on each element, go to Element Inspection>Details>View. Do not put all your comments in one comment box. Every element has its own comment box.

All notes and comments in AssetWise reflect the findings of the actual condition at the bridge on the date of the inspection. Remember that any note, file, or document that you create should be written ina professional manner. It is a good practice to treat any document that you create as a potential record for the public's request.

The quality of bridge inspection notes will reflect the quality of the bridge inspection, and the quality of the agency’s bridge inspection program. Bridge inspection reports are legal, public documents – inspectors should keep that in mind when taking field notes and entering them into AssetWise. Notes should be taken and entered in AssetWise for each bridge inspection. The extent of notes taken during an inspection will vary depending upon the size and structural complexity of the bridge, the condition of the bridge, and the change in condition since the last inspection.