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Mitigation Inventory

oxbow lagoon wildlife area in Ohio

ODOT strives to avoid negative impacts to natural resources during the design, construction or maintenance of the state transportation system. If impacts to natural resources, such as wetlands, are unavoidable, ODOT minimizes impacts to the maximum extent practical and considers various mitigation strategies.

Mitigation plans, monitoring reports, photographs and data associated with each mitigation site are available via an ODOT Mitigation Inventory Website. Access to the website requires a MyODOT login.

  1. You have a MyODOT login and want to request access to the site:
    Go to ODOT Mitigation Inventory 
    A pop-up box will ask for information to process your request.
  2. You don't have a MyODOT login. Click on the link below to request a login:
    Go to MyODOT.
    Request a Personal account.
    Then once you've completed that process, go back to step 1 to request access.
  3. You have a MyODOT. You already asked for access, you landed on this page accidentally.
    Go to Mitigation Inventory site on ODOT's Extranet.

The information on the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) mitigation website represents properties or areas that were used to meet environmental mitigation requirements to offset current or future project impacts as required by State and/or federal regulations. While ODOT has a mitigation interest in each of the sites depicted, many of the areas are not owned by ODOT.  Several of the properties shown are owned by other public entities or are located on private land. Access for public hunting and recreation will not be granted by ODOT because of potential conflicts with the environmental mitigation requirements and other land-use restrictions. Properties depicted on this website that are owned by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) or other public entities may allow for hunting or recreational opportunities.  Interested citizens should contact the ODNR or the public entity identified as the owner to determine allowed or restricted uses on a property.