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Maintenance of Traffic (MOT)
Maintenance of Traffic (MOT)

This web page will be used to provide miscellaneous information about Maintenance of Traffic concerns. 

Permitted Lane Closure Schedules

Click here to access the Permitted Lane Closure Schedules.

Work Zone Policy and Standard Procedure

MOT Queue Analysis

MOT Alternative Analysis Forms and Figures

See TEM Section 630-5 for MOTAA guidelines

  • Form 696-1a: Work Zone Constraints Form (Published 7/15/16) (.pdf, .xls)
  • Form 696-1b: Work Zone Constraints Form Example (Published 7/15/16) (.pdf, .xls)
  • Form 696-2a: Bridge Information Form (.pdf, .xls)
  • Form 696-2b: Bridge Information Form Example (.pdf, .xls)
  • Form 696-3a: Ramp Information Form (Published 7/15/16) (.pdf, .xls)
  • Form 696-3b: Ramp Information Form Example (Published 7/15/16) (.pdf, .xls)
  • Form 696-4a: Cost Comparison Form (.pdf, .xls)
  • Form 696-4b: Cost Comparison Form Example (.pdf, .xls)
  • Form 698-10: Sample Lane Configuration Diagrams and Cross Sections (.pdf)

Temporary Portable Rumble Strips

Only to be used in accordance with SCD MT-97.20

Additional Resources