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ODOT coordinates, manages and administers several funding programs

Funding at ODOT is a big deal. ODOT dedicates staff to the business of funding to ensure taxpayer dollars are properly allocated, efficiently used and effectively monitored before, during and after transportation project end dates. 

From funding a bicycle facility near a walking path to a bridge that carries 60 percent of United States traffic, ODOT takes responsibility for fairly distributing taxpayer dollars, of which there's not nearly enough, coordinating with federal and local government agencies who are stakeholders in transportation funding and auditing spending practices after funding has been decided. 

  • ODOT acts as the liaison between federal and local government agencies on transportation projects. 
  • ODOT coordinates the application process for transportation projects funded with federal tax dollars.
  • ODOT supports local public agencies in the application process through training, customer service, publications and team-building exercises.
  • ODOT collects, reports and disperses funding data in support of recordkeeping, due diligence and stakeholder decision-making.

Use the search functions below to explore most of ODOT's funding opportunities. And for a summary of ODOT funding, download the Program Resource Guide.

NOTE: Please disregard the Filter by Discipline tool as the Funding cards do not sort into those categories and cannot be searched using that function. The large filter search bar and Filter by Topic should meet all your search criteria for funding, but if not, use the Send Us A Message tool and ask for our help.