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Frequently Asked Questions

ADC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the fee for an application?

  • Single face:                            $225.00 
  • Back to back, where each face does not exceed 36 sq. ft.:    $225.00
  • Back to back pylon where each face is identical in size:         $225.00
  • Single multiple message device:                    $625.00

All fees are doubled for signs erected prior to obtaining a permit.

How can I advertise on the blue exit signs?

Contact the OHIO LOGO program by visiting their website, or calling them toll free at 800-860-5646 for information.

How can I determine if a certain route is controlled?

ODOT controls all Interstate Routes, all U.S. Routes, all Scenic routes, most State routes, and some country roads.  To inquire whether a route is or is not controlled, please contact our office toll free at 877-811-4090 and provide the county, route and if possible the mile marker you would like to place the sign.

How do I know where the right of way begins?

Please contact the appropriate district office for the location your inquiry is regarding.  You can access all District Contacts by clicking here.

What do I need to do to transfer a permit?

A transfer form can be obtained from our website by clicking here. Please complete this form and send it in with a $25.00 transfer fee per permit.

What do I have to do to change my advertising device? (Modifications)

Copy of an advertising device is not regulated by this office.  Therefore, no action is needed to change the copy.  To modify a conforming device, a modification application must be submitted.  The modification application can be obtained by clicking here.   Please complete this form and send it in with the appropriate fee.  The modification fees are $100.00 per sign face, unless it is a multiple message device which is $300.00.

Who do I contact for an inspection of my site for electrical work?

Please contact the Department of Commerce at (614) 644-2223

Can I remove vegetation around my permitted sign?

Please contact the appropriate district permit office for the district your sign is located in.  You can access all District Contacts by clicking here.

How can I apply for segmentation on a scenic byway?

Please contact the ODOT Scenic Byway coordinator.