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Special ​Blanket Permit for Haulers - Operation Open Roads

Special ​Blanket Permit for Haulers - Operation Open Roads

NOTICE: While waiting for the federal government to act, Governor DeWine is taking immediate action within his authority to remove supply chain hurdles and ease the movement of freight by directing the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to accelerate the process that shipping companies must use to move oversize loads across the state. Currently, trucks hauling loads greater than 80,000 pounds require a special ODOT hauling permit before the shipment is permitted to travel. To get goods on the road quicker, Governor DeWine has directed ODOT to reinstitute a pandemic-era program that allowed haulers to move heavier loads, up to 90,000 pounds, without getting pre-approval as long as they agree to report where they traveled after the trip is complete.

The blanket permit applies to travel on roads and bridges maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation (Interstate, U.S. and State Routes. Hauler loads may not exceed a maximum of 90,000 pounds gross vehicle weight and must comply with all posted bridge weight and height restrictions. Loads exceeding 90,000 pounds gross vehicle weight MUST contact the ODOT Special Hauling Permits main office line at 614-351-2300 during normal business hours (7:30am-4:30pm Monday through Friday).

Haulers can download and print the: 
Operation Open Roads Special Blanket Permit PDF
and must travel with a copy of it, and a: 
Standard Limitations/Provisions On The Use Of A Special Hauling Permit: FORM OS-1A - Rev. 1/18

Report any use of this permit within 24 hours after any trips using the Emergency Moves Report Form

(use the links to these documents and form provided in the Additional Information box on this page)

This measure will remain in place until further notice.