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Statement of Financial Responsibility & Insurance Bond Form


Financial Responsibility

Re: Requirements to Obtain an Ohio Special Hauling Permit (Rev. 10/08)

Sections 5501:2-1-01 to 5501:2-1-12 of the Ohio Administrative Code dictate, in part, the financial responsibility requirements to be met before a permit may be processed and issued to allow the highway movement of a vehicle or vehicle and load, with weights and/or dimensions in excess of the statutory limits. This financial responsibility requirement, which states that permit holders will be responsible for damage done to the roadway or road structures caused by their negligence during a permitted move must be met by the filing of an insurance policy endorsement (ODOT Form OS-32, Rev. 10/08) or in the form of a surety bond.

The current minimum property damage (automobile) liability insurance amount to be endorsed or surety bond amount is $500,000.00 and may be increased in cases where an increased risk is determined. In cases of self-propelled equipment, general liability may be substituted for the automobile liability. This must be filed on forms prescribed and furnished by the Ohio Department of Transportation, Special Hauling Permit Section.

Please note: Both the OS-32 form and the bond form must be completed and signed by an authorized representative of the insurance company and sent to us directly from them.

The forms available on our website are fillable pdf documents. A blank copy of the form(s) can be saved. Once the OS-32 form has been completed and signed by an appropriate signatory, it may be mailed, faxed to (614) 728-4098 or emailed to hauling.permits@dot.state.oh.us

When making any filing, all the required information must be completed. Incomplete or incorrect forms will be returned and the insured will not be able to obtain an Ohio Special Hauling Permit until the corrected form is received by the Special Hauling Permit Section.

When completing the OS-32 filing, the insuring agency may either enter the policy expiration date or Continuous Until Canceled. If the latter is used, the insuring agency must provide us with thirty

(30) days written notice of cancellation. If the policy expiration date is entered, the OS-32 will expire on that date and no notice of cancellation is required. When a new OS-32 filing is received, the new filing voids and replaces the existing OS-32.

If you require additional information, please contact the Permit Office.

The Insurance Bond Form is included in the linked PDF available in the Attachment area of this page.