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Ecological Survey Report (ESR) Quick Start Guide

EnviroNet Logo-small Developed by the Office of Environmental Services (OES)

*NEW* December 2020

The purpose of this guide is to ensure users that prepare and/or edit an ESR are aware of the established protocols and procedures to gain access. 

EnviroNet Access

  • To access EnviroNet, you must have an active MyODOT Account. Please refer to the MyODOT Registration Guidance if you need to register or you have an existing account but did not initially request access to EnviroNet.

Accessing ESR

  • The ESR will be accessible for each project through the Ecological Tab, which will display for all CE Levels. figure 1
  • All users must be listed in the “magic box” on the ESR sub-tab. This feature allows users to create and prepare and/or edit ESR(s) for a project.
  • External users creating and preparing and/or editing an ESR will need to be listed as Local Agency PM or Consultant PM in the Form Administration Tab. Once listed, the user will be able to add themselves and additional staff to the “magic box.” 
  • If you experience technical difficulties in accessing ESR, please send and email to Matt.Raymond@dot.ohio.gov and/or Kevin.Davis@dot.ohio.gov.