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Waterway Permits Manual
Philo Bridge and Causeway, Muskingum County

Philo Bridge and Causeway, Muskingum County

The Waterway Permits Manual, a product of ODOT's Office of Environmental Services staff, is intended to be used and followed by transportation professionals on ODOT transportation projects. While this manual may be a useful tool for some private sector or other government-sponsored projects that require waterway permits, the express purpose of this manual is to cover waterway permitting based on ODOT Project Development Process (PDP) for transportation-related projects.

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2020 Waterway Permits Manual

2020 Waterway Permits Manual REDLINE


Appendix A Glossary

Appendix B Permit Application and Impact Table Templates

Appendix C Permit Application Instructions and Guidance

Appendix D Example Permit Applications

Appendix E Flowcharts for Waterway Permits

Appendix F Aids for Determining Project Impacts

Appendix G Flowcharts Notice to Navigation Forms, Charts and USCG Lists of Navigable Waters

Appendix H Special Provision Examples

Appendix I Mitigation Materials

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Memorandum of Agreement Among the USFWS, ODOT, and the USACE Regarding Implementation of the Transportation Program in Ohio

Permit Determination Request Form (MS Word)

Permit Determination Request Form Instructions (PDF)

Waterway Permits Table Templates for Permit Applications (MS Excel)

Temporary Construction, Access and Dewatering Activities Permit Determination Checklist (Fillable PDF)

ODOT's Regional General Permit from the US Army Corps of Engineers

Waterway Permitting Guidance for Local Public Agencies (LPAs) (July 2019)

Waterway Permitting Guidance for Local Public Agencies (LPAs) REDLINE

Ordinary High Water Mark Manual (October 2019)

Regional General Permit Quick Guide

Isolated Wetland and Ephemeral Stream General Permit