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Training is a wide and varied activitiy at ODOT. Training can be general or specific, free or fee-based, eLearning or classroom, webinar or webcast. Even conferences, such as OTEC, offer CPDs (Continuous Professional Development) credit and are considered a training opportunity. How do we keep track of all this training? Much of it is filtered through the ODOT LTAP (Local Technical Assistance Program). They handle the ODOT Class Registration System and the Coursemill application for eLearning training. Many training opportunities are pre-qualification and certification opportunities for vendors who want to do business with ODOT. 

It's a lot. We know. So, we hope this page gives you a good place to start. Use the search filter options to get you to the right area, and then click on the title in the card to access more information about your area of interest.

If you can't find what you're looking for on this page or you're a little lost, please use the link to the right  to ask LTAP.

For general questions or inquiries about ODOT Training ask

Ohio Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Center
1-877-800-0031 (Toll Free)

or use their form

LTAP Ask a Question Form